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What do you love most about living in NYC? Diversity of things to do--so many restaurants, shows, museums, etc to go to. Even during COVID, there's been a lot of great hiking upstate and beaches nearby.

What drew you to Cornell Radiology? One distinct memory I had was during the pre-interview dinner when a group of 2nd/3rd year residents came in together after going to a spin class after work. From talking with them, I could tell how genuinely close they were, and the program truly feels like it's a group of friends working together not just coworkers.

Favorite hobbies outside of work? Running/biking along the Hudson, playing keyboard, yoga, trying out new baking/cooking recipes

First travel destination after COVID is over? My trip to Greece in May was canceled this year so hopefully I'll get the chance to go soon!

Go to Karaoke song? Recently been singing a lot of Hamilton at home.

Favorite radiology sign? Still learning a lot of signs but the Oreo cookie and donuthole signs have been memorable so far.

Jenny Yan
Second Year Resident