Innovation in Training

There are several innovative features of our residency training, some of which you will find at no other program in the country. The department is heavily invested education, committed to producing the new, patient-centered generation of radiologists.

Your Own Personal Ultrasound

Each resident receives their own portable ultrasound device, covered by the department. You may use this device to practice your ultrasound technique, facilitate procedure guidance, or reach a diagnosis in the acute setting. We have multiple workshops over the course of your training to hone your technique, led by our talented attendings and sonographers. There are also dedicated ultrasound scanning weeks over the course of your training. When your time with Cornell is over, the device is yours to keep.

Learn How to Scan with MRI

While most radiologists know the theory behind MR image acquisition, it’s rare to find a radiologist who actually knows how to scan a patient. Developed by a former resident, our program has implemented an MRI scanning course in which residents put theory into practice, working one-on-one our skilled MRI technologists to learn how to scan a patient. Not only does the course broaden the resident’s skillset, it bolsters their ability to troubleshoot challenging MRI cases and makes better radiologists

High Yield Simulation

 There’s no doubt that your first call in the ED reading room can seem daunting, but we make every effort to make sure our residents are confident and well-prepared. Spearheaded by the program director, Andrew Schweitzer, we have developed multiple simulation case sets for high-fidelity simulation of brain MRI and pelvic ultrasound cases. Contrast reactions, while our responsibility, are often outside of the radiologist’s comfort zone. We make certain each of our residents can handle a broad array of reaction scenarios at our Skills Acquisition and Innovation Laboratory (SAIL).

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