MI3 Resources

The Molecular Imaging Innovations Institute (MI3), which includes the Program in Radiopharmaceutical Discovery and Development, is in the Belfer Research Building. Occupying more than 8,000 net square feet of laboratory space, conference rooms, and offices, MI3 is divided into chemistry, biology/biochemistry, and radiochemistry areas. It has the capacity to accommodate seven principal investigators (PIs) and 40-50 students, staff members, and postdoctoral associates with networked computers and printers. Currently, MI3 has eight to 15 researchers in the above areas, excluding the faculty and staff dedicated to the Program in Radiopharmaceutical Discovery and Development.  

MI3 is engaged in the discovery, development, optimization, and validation of targeted molecular probes and imaging technologies to provide in vivo elucidation of specific molecular pathways that play critical roles in health and disease. The Institute’s mission is to bring together pre-clinical and clinical scientists, clinicians, imaging technologies, and medical practice; to be internationally recognized for its contributions to the use of molecularly targeted imaging for:  

  • Understanding normal and pathologic biology and physiology in vivo to support pre-clinical and clinical research 
  • Facilitating the translation of molecularly targeted interventions from the research laboratory to early clinical (T1 Translational and Phase 0 Research) investigation 
  • Validating imaging biomarkers for risk assessment, prognosis, and prediction (for use in screening, cohort assignment, treatment triage, and response assessment)  
  • Translating validated imaging biomarkers in conjunction with molecularly targeted interventions for use in clinical trials and clinical care (personalized medicine)  
  • Guiding and delivering minimally invasive, imaging-guided interventions 

MI3 also collaborates with and is “virtually inclusive” of, the Department of RAdiology’s Program in Radiopharmaceutical Discovery and Development.  


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