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The Weill Cornell Medicine (WCM)/New York-Presbyterian (NYP) Department of Radiology is a robust and highly ambitious program whose investigations run the gamut from fundamental (basic and applied) to translational, clinical, and health services research. 

We are internationally renowned, with a National Institutes of Health funding rank that has risen dramatically and steadily, from 43rd in 2006 to 6th in 2020 (Blue Ridge).

While we urge faculty to pursue their own strong interests, we also direct investments to infrastructure and faculty recruitments based on a strategic plan focused on 5 critical disease states; 4 classes of scientific objectives; and 4 foci of imaging science expertise. The 5 critical disease states are: cardiovascular, neurological, oncologic, and inflammation-mediated disease states, and metabolic disorders. The classes of scientific objectives are:1) Imaging Research to improve Understanding of Normal/Abnormal (Disease-state Specific) Biology and Physiology, 2)  Developing, Optimizing, and Validating Imaging Risk Assessment Tools (Imaging Biomarkers, including the increasingly relevant correlation of imaging phenotypes to tissue biomarkers), 3) Developing, Optimizing, and Validating Image-Guided Interventions to Prevent and Treat Disease, 4) Measuring and Improving Outcomes Related to the Provision of Imaging Tests/Procedures.

The foci of imaging science expertise are: Developing, Optimizing and Validating, 1) New Imaging Agents, Enhancers, and Combination Theranostics, 2) New Imaging Platforms and Systems (and associated agents), 3) Imaging Informatics, 4) Imaging Health Services Research.