Welcome from the Chief Residents



Welcome to the Cornell Radiology residency. We invite you train in the world’s greatest city. We receive training at the #1 hospital in the city as well as the #2 cancer hospital and #1 orthopedics hospital in the country. Beyond rankings, the learning environment at Cornell is unparalleled. We are on a first name basis with attendings and regard most as mentors. Teaching is methodical, appropriately challenging, and well rounded, with the entire learner in mind.


We are fortunate to have an innovative learning environment and incredible learning tools at our disposal. Each resident receives their own personal, portable ultrasound for both learning and clinical care. Residents are encouraged to step out of the reading room to scan on their own. Moreover, we’re proud of our new MRI scanning course, where residents have a dedicated week each year to learn and practice the science and art of MR image acquisition. We also have access to the 24-hour Skills Acquisition and Innovation Laboratory (SAIL), where you can hone your IR and communication skills. We also use SAIL for contrast reaction simulations, which occur on an annual basis. Opportunities are also available to international work during the R4 year.


Due to ample resources, close clinical and research faculty collaborations, and the approachability of all of our attendings, most of our residents chose to pursue research projects and make a habit of securing national awards and publications of their work. Our residents also regularly win the RSNA Resident/Fellow Research Grant.

Wellness is a cornerstone of our radiology residency and is highly prioritized by our Chairman, Dr. Robert Min. Residents receive 100 ClassPass credits monthly to use for workouts, meditation, and massages, and it is not uncommon for residents to take classes together. Our yearlong extra clinical curriculum which focuses on such topics as sleep and nutrition, as well as our annual wellness retreat are just a few more examples of the program’s focus on well-being. Moreover, at a time when many programs are cutting back on extra income opportunities for residents, our residency continues to support a robust resident moonlighting program.

We’re also more than a residency. We’re a family. Whether we’re sharing a drink at our monthly happy hour or working alongside each other in the ICUs during the COVID-19 outbreak, we always have each other’s backs.

Thank you for considering making the Cornell Radiology residency your home. We hope we can make residency not just the best years of your training, but also the best years of your life.


Emily, Oren, and Chris

Weill Cornell Medicine
Department of Radiology
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