Dalio Institute of Cardiovascular Imaging

Principal Investigator: 
Simon Dunham, Ph.D. Bobak Mosadegh, Ph.D.

Institute Focus

The engineering team of the Dalio Institute of Cardiovascular Imaging brings personalized medicine to cardiovascular devices by developing hardware and diagnostic tools designed using patient-specific imaging. These devices and tools leverage multiple cutting-edge technologies, including 3D printing, soft robotics, stretchable electronics and mixed reality to ensure optimal performance. Although many of these developments are platform technologies with broad applicability to many medical applications, the following projects describe how such technologies are being applied to specific cardiovascular medicine indications.


Bobak Mosadegh Lab

The Mosadegh lab is most recently focused on developing next-generation medical devices for surgical and minimally invasive procedures. These devices offer unprecedented performance by leveraging sophisticated enabling technologies like 3D printing, soft robotics, machine learning, and mixed reality. Historically, the lab also has expertise in soft robotic actuators; control systems for many applications; and microfluidics and 3D-cell culture for applications in drug discovery using organ-on-chips platforms.

Simon Dunham Lab

The Dunham Lab focuses on efforts to utilize soft materials, 3D printing, flexible electronics, and soft robotics to develop novel diagnostic and/or therapeutic technologies.  The lab leverages expertise and soft materials, image analysis, and flexible sensing to develop these tools.  While our more mature efforts are centered on treatments for cardiac health, we are beginning to explore more diverse applications of these exciting technologies.  

Four key Dalio areas of interest:

  1. Ablation.
  2. Coronary.
  3. Cardiac Guidance.
  4. Fibroid Guidance.