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What I love most about NYC: It’s probably cliché and has been overstated a bunch of times, but there really is sooo much to do in New York. Whether its checking out new restaurants, going to one of the many world famous museums, seeing a broadway show, or relaxing at Central Park or Rockaway Beach, New York has so much to offer everyone. Granted it can be pricey at times, but we get compensated more than enough to enjoy the city.  I’m originally from Texas and any time I go back home (or any city for that matter), I’m always bored or find it paling in comparison.

What drew me to Cornell: I knew I wanted to come to New York for residency. One of the biggest things that drew me to Cornell was Dr. Min, the Chairman. I don’t think there’s another program out there where the Chairman cares so much about the well-being of the residents and their input into improving the program. As residents, we know Dr. Min will always have our backs. The other thing that drew me were the residents during my interview. They seemed to have a great balance between working hard and enjoying things outside of medicine.

Favorite hobbies: Eating, eating, and more eating. Did I mention eating? I also like to cook and experiment with fermentation. I make a pretty decent sourdough and I’ve been getting into water kefir. I get a lot of inspiration from It’s Alive with Brad Leone.

First travel destination after Covid:  Somewhere with a beach. My fiancé and I had plans to go to Colombia earlier this year before Covid hit.

Go-to karaoke song: Ahhh the ancient art of Kara-oke! So many to choose from but “The Killers - All These Things That I’ve Done” gets the blood pumping

Favorite radiology sign: the Headcheese sign because as a food item it’s seriously underrated

Alexander Phan
Fourth Year Resident