Multi-modal imaging of the mechanisms underlying impaired executive attention after traumatic brain injury

Active Research Project
Sudhin Shah, Ph.D. Amy Kuceyeski, Ph.D.
Last Updated: 
October 20, 2022

Award or grant: NIH/NINDS: 1R01NS102646-01A1

This is a multi-center collaborative grant (Weill Cornell Medicine, Mount Sinai) that aims to carry out a longitudinal study of the mechanisms underlying executive attention impairment after traumatic brain injury (TBI). The study will employ electroencephalogram (EEG) and diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) along with neuropsychological assessments in the subacute and chronic stages of recovery to establish biomarkers of impairment and create models of prognosis. The long-term goal of these studies is to enable stratification, improve diagnosis, inform therapeutic interventions and predict prognosis.

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