March 9 BHII Seminar: "Towards precision medicine for young patients with traumatic brain injury"

3rd Neurobiology of Brain Injury Seminar March 9, 2023

Towards precision medicine for young patients with traumatic brain injury

Marsh Königs, PhD

Assistant Professor in Developmental Neuroscience

Emma Children’s Hospital

University of Amsterdam, Netherlands


March 9th, 2023

10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Passcode: 265140


Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is among the leading causes of acquired disability in children and young adults, with an estimated 69 million individuals that sustain traumatic brain injury each year. Patients with TBI are at risk of impairment in a range of crucial function domains, including neurocognitive, behavioral, academic, professional, and social functioning. Nevertheless, there is distinct heterogeneity in the acute impact, recovery potential and long-term outcomes among patients. This heterogeneity arises from complex interplay between disease mechanisms, individual patient characteristics and environmental factors. Existing prognostic models do not account for the complexity of outcome prediction after TBI, which interferes with the clinician’s ability to tailor care to the patient’s individual risk profile. In this seminar, Dr. Königs will present work from the Emma Neuroscience Group that aims to contribute to the transition towards precision medicine for young patients with TBI, including the potential value of advanced neuroimaging with MRI.


 Dr. Marsh Königs is educated in Biomedical Sciences (BSc), Cognitive Neuropsychology (MScRes) and Clinical Neuropsychology (MSc) and obtained his PhD degree (2016) for his research on the impact of pediatric traumatic brain injury on brain structure, neurocognition and behavior. Current research focuses on the impact of disease and treatment on brain structure and function of children, in the context of daily life problems. Dr. Königs co-leads the Emma Neuroscience Group and acts as director of science at the Daan Theeuwes Center for Intensive Neurorehabilitation, is a member of the Dutch Work Group on Brain Injury in Children and Young Adults (HEJ!) and collaborates with professional sports organizations on concussion management at amateur and elite sport level (Royal Dutch Football Association). Dr. Königs specializes in (i) neuroscientific outcome measurements, (ii) clinical outcome prediction for precision medicine; (iii) and data-driven healthcare innovation (Health Intelligence). 

 This seminar series aims to create and sustain collaborations between clinicians and researchers at Weill Cornell Medicine who have interests in brain injury. To join the listserv please send an email to sut2006 at med dot cornell dot edu. Sudhin A. Shah, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Neuroscience in Radiology, BHII; Tracy Butler, M.D., Associate Professor of Neurology in Radiology, BHII.


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