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I’m originally from Washington DC and a lifelong East Coaster, but residency is my first time living in the greatest city in the world! (I’m a recently obsessed Hamilton fan…) Since moving to NYC, I’ve loved exploring the city’s incredible food scene and its surprising wealth of beautiful outdoor family-friendly spots. I have a background in health policy and medical sociology research, and Cornell initially drew me because of its world-class medical center and exciting research opportunities; however, what I’ve grown to treasure most about the program is really how close the residents are and how fiercely we support each other.

Kids/pets? I have a 5-year-old Siberian Husky, a 3-year-old black Lab, and a 1-year old little human :)

Go-to karaoke song? Gangnam Style

Favorite radiology sign? Hummingbird sign

Mihan Lee
Third year Resident