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Other Resources

Radiology Resources

The Citibank Biomedical Imaging Center (CBIC)
Weill Cornell’s Biomedical Imaging Core Facility at the Citigroup Biomedical Imaging Center (CBIC) serves the Molecular Imaging Innovations Institute’s need for comprehensive in-vivo and multi-modal imaging. At the CBIC, our researchers can image disease models at the clinical and pre-clinical level using any combination of MRI, PET, CT, SPECT, and Optical imaging.
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The Image Data Evaluation and Analytics Laboratory (IDEAL)
The ability to accumulate vast volumes of data across different imaging modalities (i.e., MRI and CT) is only useful if it can be matched by our processing and evaluation capabilities. The Image Data Evaluation and Analytics Laboratory facility (IDEAL) provides MI3 with processing support at both the clinical and pre-clinical levels. IDEAL assists researchers and clinicians in the interpretation of their image data.
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WCMC Resources

MI3 researchers also have access to the following Weill Cornell Medical College and tri-institutional core facilities should they need expert advice, assistance with experiments, or training in a certain technique: 

1. The Abby and Howard P. Milstein Synthetic Chemistry Core

2. Cell Screening Core

3. Computational Genomics Core

4.  Cornell University Life Sciences Core Laboratories Center (CLC)

5.  Electron Microscopy & Histology Core

6. Epigenomics Core

7. Flow Cytometry Core

8. Genetically Modified Animal (GMA) Phenotyping Service

9. Genomics Resources Core

10. High-Throughput Screening Resource Center (HTSRC)

11. Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) Instrumentation

12. Phosphorimager Core

13. Research Data Storage Core (RDSC)

14. Transgenic Mouse Core

15. X-Ray Crystallography

16. X-Ray Developing Core

17.  Animal Core Facility

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