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New York City has an indescribable pull that makes it nearly impossible to want to leave. Coming from Long Island, it was overwhelming at first. It felt like stepping into this hot pot of multiple worlds colliding where a subway ride could take me to a bookstore selling antiquated literature, my favorite BBQ restaurant in Koreatown, or even a hole in the wall that makes you feel like Frank Sinatra is going to pop up and serenade you as you enjoy a daiquiri. New York City challenges you to explore yourself as an individual and offers just about anything for every hobby imaginable. I love dancing and playing my violin and in NYC, I can replace my worn strings and then go dance salsa and merengue with my fiancé all in one day. Having lived in Harlem and the Bronx and explored all the boroughs, I really cannot imagine any other place coming close to being as vibrant or lively as New York City.

I was immediately drawn to Cornell’s commitment to proactively nurturing and supporting their residents. From their amazing opportunities to connect residents with awe-inspiring mentors to their facilities and amenities that enable residents to excel as physicians and decompress, Cornell Radiology proves its dedication to its residents from the onset. You will not find another program that allows this kind of work-life balance to build the career of your dreams!

Lisa Americo
First Year Resident