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I grew up in Michigan and studied Chemical Engineering at Michigan State University. Initially, I thought I would do R&D research for a chemical company, but after graduate school I discovered my love for advancing medical technology and seeing its implementation at the bedside. I stumbled across interventional radiology my first year of medical school and found it to be the perfect fit. As an IR/DR resident, I look forward to developing a career when I can combine my love for patient care with my interests in engineering.

What do you love most about living in NYC?

Access to innumerable resources, a wealth of diversity, and never-ending opportunities to explore the city.

What drew you to Cornell Radiology?

Personable faculty and residents, cutting edge curriculum, and a sincere commitment to resident success.

What are some of your favorite hobbies outside of work?

Exploring the city with my family, going to the gym, and programming.

Do you have any kids/pets?

I have a beautiful 17-month old daughter

First travel destination after COVID is over?

Copenhagen. The culture of design and style are unprecedented.

Go-to Karaoke song?

Yikes. I have only done it once to the Bollywood classic Khalnayak, but those were simpler times. I'll have to update when I try again.

Favorite radiology sign?

Panda sign

Kasim Fassia
First Year Resident