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My favorite things about living in NYC (so hard to pick just one!) — the fact that no matter what you’re interested in, you can find people here who are world-class and learn from/work with them. The culture, the food, the diversity, and last but not least, the people. As a WCMC alum, I was able to see the residency program first-hand during my third and fourth years of medical school, and the program here got me excited about Radiology, shared their time and insights with me and I saw how amazing the training is. But what made me want to stay was the people. At every step of the way, from residents and faculty up to the Chairman, Dr. Min, this program has been willing to help me, personally and professionally. The residents and attendings were all happy, humble, excited about teaching, and fun to be around. They made me feel at home, and that feeling has never gone away.

Hobbies: I love staying active and love being outdoors- from hiking, running, and cycling to yoga, gymnastic strength training, and Capoeira. I am an avid traveler, amateur chef and fan of all types of food, music, and chocolate. I love discovering new restaurants and cideries, and exploring the city on foot and by bike. As a transplant from Seattle, going home will be my first trip, but for a close second Morocco, Portugal, and Brazil are all contenders.

Jenifer Pitman
Fourth Year Resident