Recent Resident Research Highlights

Our resident routinely obtain grants, research awards, and high impact publications.
Opportunities are available from health policy to basic science. Our research mentors are
motivated and excited to work with residents.

Awards and Grants

Siemens Healthineers/RSNA Research Grant (2020 - 2021) – Philip Colucci MD
Ultra-high Resolution Magnetic Resonance Neurography: An Interactive Atlas of the Brachial
Plexus and Upper Extremity Peripheral Nerves


RSNA Resident Research Grant (2019-2020)

– Michelle Roytman MD
Dynamic 68-gallium-DOTATATE PET and DCE
Perfusion MRI in Meningioma: Correlation
with Molecular Pathology and Clinical

RSNA Resident Research Grant (2018-2019)
– Benjamin Freeze MD, PhD

Regional Brain Atrophy and Network Propagation of Pathology in Prodromal Parkinson Disease


Dou E, Shingala P, Dodelzon K, Ksepka M, Katzen J. (2019, April). Assessing the positive
predictive value of architectural distortion detected with digital breast tomosynthesis and
factors that affect it. Poster presented at: Society of Breast Imaging; Hollywood, Florida.

Eliades S, Do KG., “Multimodality Imaging of Liver Metastases.” Society of Abdominal Radiology
Annual Scientific Meeting and Educational Course, March 2020, Wailea, HI

Eliades S, Pomeranz C, Baad M, Roytman M, Kovanlikaya AK, “Beyond a Lesionable Doubt: An
Algorithmic Approach to Pediatric Soft Tissue Lesions on Ultrasound.” Society of Pediatric
Radiology Annual Meeting, May 2019, San Francisco, CA.

Isakov KM, Legasto AC, Hossain R, Weisman S, Toy D, Groner LK, Feibusch A, Escalon JG. A Case
Based Review of Vaping-Induced Injury–Pulmonary Toxicity and Beyond. Current problems in
diagnostic radiology. 2020 Jun 26.

Lee M, Fayad M, Mabud TS, Tallon de Lara, Hernandez AE, Anez G, Kohli M, Chadha N, Jean R.
Clinical characteristics of early noncritical hospitalized patients with coronavirus disease (Covid-
19): a single-center retrospective study in New York City. Infectious Disease Week, 10/21/2020,

Yan J, Browne W, Kesselman A. Transjugular Intrahepatic Portosystemic Shunt (TIPS) as Rescue
Therapy for Endoscopic Glue Migration and Bleeding Gastric Varices [abstract]. In: Society of
Interventional Radiology 46th Annual Meeting; 2021 Mar 20-25


Brady E, Hameed M, Tap WD, Hwang S. Imaging features and clinical course of undifferentiated
round cell sarcomas with CIC-DUX4 and BCOR-CCNB3 translocations. Skeletal Radiology. 2020
Aug 25.

Corines MJ, Nougaret S, Weiser MR, Khan M, Gollub MJ. Gadolinium-based contrast agent
during pelvic MRI: contribution to patient management in rectal cancer. Diseases of the colon
and rectum. 2018 Feb;61(2):193.

Dou E, Ksepka M, Dodelzon K, Shingala P, Katzen JT. Assessing the positive predictive value of
architectural distortion detected with digital breast tomosynthesis in BI-RADS 4 cases. Journal
of Breast Imaging. Epub 2020 Sept 25.

Dou E, Patel H. New palpable breast mass in a COVID-19 patient. Journal of Breast Imaging.
2020 Sept/Oct;2(5):513-514.

Dodelzon K, Simon K, Dou E, Levy AD, Michaels AY, Askin G, Katzen JT. Performance of 2D
synthetic mammography versus digital mammography in the detection of microcalcifications at
screening. AJR Am J Roentgenol. 2020;214(6):1436-1444.

Green DB, Eliades S, Legasto AC, Askin G, Port JL, Gruden JF. Multilobulated thymoma with an
acute angle: a new predictor of lung invasion. European radiology. 2019 Sep 1;29(9):4555-62.

Fayad M & Lee M. Reflections from a first-year doctor in the COVID-19 pandemic in New York
City, Columbia University Health Humanities Journal, 9/2020

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