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Researchers and Staff

Support Staff

Cliona Stack
Laboratory Coordinator

Sindy Ozoria
Administrative Assistant

Research Staff

Cindy Han

Marjan Zaman

Susan Park

Current Researchers

Alejandro Amor-Coarasa, Ph.D.

Fei Fei An, Ph.D.

Vanessa  Bellat, Ph.D.
Nanostructure Synthesis

James Kelly, Ph.D.
Organic Synthesis

Young  Kim, Ph.D.
Pathological Analysis

Hari Krishna Kommidi, Ph.D.
Organic Synthesis

Hyun Hee Lee, Ph.D.
Cancer Cell Biology

Spencer Park
Graduate Student

Lara Pes, Ph.D.
Amino Acid and Peptides

Enda Shevlin, Ph.D.
Drug Delivery

Till Wustemann

Yogindra Vedvyas
Graduate Student

Jianguang Wang, Ph.D.
Flurochrome synthesis

Ye Wang, Ph.D.

Weiqi Zhang, Ph.D.
Drug Delivery


Jun Ma, Ph.D.
Keon Koo Kwon, Ph.D.
Younghua Lou, Ph.D.

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