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Jin Lab

Dr. Moonsoo Jin - Research Interests/Current Projects


Research Profilehttp://vivo.med.cornell.edu/display/cwid-moj2005

Our research interests lie broadly in cancer immunotherapy and nanotechnology for early, sensitive detection of cancer and inflammation, and toward improved therapy through site-specific delivery of therapeutics. For these goals, we develop biomolecules (antibodies, nucleic acids, and other proteins), nano-sized particles, and engineered immune cells (T and NK cells), and validate these components in animal model of human diseases for their ability to detect and treat disease. We employ a variety of imaging techniques (whole body optical imaging, MRI, PET) to evaluate real-time distribution and targeted localization of particles and cells.

Current Research projects include:

  • Global, unbiased mining of human antibodies maintaining natural pairing of Ig heavy and light chains
  • Engineering diagnostic and therapeutic nanoparticles toward cancer to allow image-guided drug delivery

Laboratory Members/ Team:
Enda Shevlin, Ph.D
Spencer Park
Susan Park
Marjan Zaman
Yogindra Vedyvas

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