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Hello! I'm Connie, and I was born and raised in Marietta, GA. My path to radiology wasn't simple, but has been intertwined with my love of art and drawing. I chose to come to Weill Cornell for residency because of the overwhelming warmth I felt from the residents, fellows, attendings, staff, etc. It also happens to be in NYC which is full of things to do and places to discover, like Ladybird Bakery in Brooklyn where they make a delicious Brooklyn Blackout cake (if you're a chocolate lover), or, on the line of birds, Catbird where they make dainty jewelry. There are also board game cafes (now socially distanced) and whatever you may be interested in--I'm particularly a fan of co-op games. Taylor Swift also spends some time in NYC, and I'm looking forward to hopefully one day seeing her live in concert with my sisters~

Connie Lu
Second Year Resident