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What do you love most about living in NYC? I love walking, running and biking in the many beautiful parks in Manhattan, looking at trees, flowers, birds, and more. I love exploring the expansive variety of cuisines that can be found throughout the five boroughs-- my favorites are Indian, Thai, and Mexican.

What drew you to Cornell Radiology? I was looking for a program that had a strong culture among the residents and faculty of love of learning and enthusiasm for Radiology. The people at Cornell are serious about becoming the best radiologists possible but also intend to have a fun time while achieving that goal. The learning and research opportunities available to residents at Cornell/NYP, Memorial Sloan Kettering, and Hospital for Special Surgery, are unparalleled.

Favorite hobbies outside of work? I compete in triathlons and running road races with my team, Central Park Track Club. I enjoy daily endurance training, which I am able to incorporate into my commute from Washington Heights to the Upper East Side (via Riverside and Central Parks). For the past few years, my fiancé and I have been taking group swing dancing lessons in midtown.

First travel destination after COVID is over? France! I lived in Lorraine for a year after college and I love visiting whenever possible, so I can't wait to get back there. Brittany and Corsica are top destinations on my list.

Favorite radiology sign? Holly Leaf Sign for pleural plaques.

Any kids or pets? Nope! But I have a fiancé, 3 bicycles and 2 plants that I take good care of :)

Go-to karaoke song?  I've never done Karaoke, but I recruited two R2's to perform Katy Perry's "Hot and Cold" on video for the first year scavenger hunt last week!

Cecilia Davis Hayes
Second Year Resident